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Meeting Estate Planning Goals with the Strategic Estate Planning System®

The Strategic Estate Planning System® is Nici Law Firm’s process for assisting clients with their estate planning needs. Our clients find it is a great way to identify and visual their estate planning goals. It is a useful tool to meet your estate planning goals.

The Four Parts of the Strategic Estate Planning System

There are four parts to the Strategic Estate Planning System. You can complete every part or choose to stop at any stage and still reap tremendous value.

1. The Foundation Builder

lawyer discuss about strategic planning system with clientHaving the correct legal documents in place is an essential element of The Strategic Estate Planning System®. The Foundation Builder™ allows us to effectively use our time to learn about your initial estate planning goals. During your initial complimentary one-hour consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet your attorney and share your vision.

At Nici Law Firm, I will , as your attorney, act as an “Estate Planning Architect,” helping you design and build your plan. I will address your immediate estate planning needs, including your Will, Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Directive.

Upon completion of your plan, we take estate planning to the next level and Simplify Complexity™ by offering a tool so powerful and rich in information that most clients have stated that they “could not imagine an estate plan without The Strategic Snapshot.®” The Strategic Snapshot® with Asset Analysis™ is a color-coded, visual representation of your estate as it exists today—displaying how your assets are titled and where and how those assets flow upon your death. The Strategic Snapshot® will uncover any additional issues that we need to address as we progress through The Strategic Estate Planning System®.

2. The Discovery Experience

In The Discovery Experience®, we jointly uncover your “true self,” the connection you feel to your family, your beliefs and values, and how your natural talents and strengths influence your actions. Using the Kolbe System® and Strengths Finder 2.0®, we will discover and explore your instinctive talents and abilities, allowing the roots of our relationship to grow deeper and wider, providing a stronger base for our relationship to blossom and a means to clarify your vision for the future.

Capitalizing on your vision, your attorney will create The Strategic Blueprint™, a tool used to show how specific estate planning tools can turn your future vision into a reality today. The Strategic Blueprint™ uses an Integrated Cash Flow Spreadsheet™ displaying how your affected assets will flow through the various legal entities over subsequent years. You will see how millions of dollars can be saved if the plan we design is put into action, and you can even compare the plan to a “do nothing” approach.

3. The Objective Achiever

At Nici Law Firm, we design, draft, and build the plan from beginning to end. In The Objective Achiever™ part of the system, we build the plan based on the specs from The Strategic Blueprint™, including any changes that you would like to see. The Strategic Snapshot® will be updated based on your newly built estate plan and the legal documents that support it. At Nici Law Firm, we specialize in Achieving Your Objectives™.

4. The Support Solution

Every structure requires maintenance, and so does your estate plan. With The Support Solution™, you will receive annual updates to your estate plan. We ensure that your plan is kept up-to-date with any revisions that you may desire and any revisions required because of changes in the law.

Contact Leading Naples Estate Planning Lawyer James Nici

Call our offices to get started. As a Florida Board-Certified Specialist in Wills, Trusts and Estates, James Nici is particularly qualified to help you develop your estate plan. With our legal guidance and strategic tools we can help you meet your estate planning goals. Use of the Strategic Estate Planning System® is a great tool  we offer to help you clarify your thoughts and make sure you cover all the elements you wish to in your estate plan and then to help you maintain your plan with any revisions. We look forward to building your perfect plan together.

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