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Do I Need to Update my Estate Plan After Moving to Florida?

When changing your residency from one state to the other, or more particularly changing your domicile to Florida, you should have an attorney licensed in Florida review your estate plan. It’s very important to make sure that the documents you have will be properly implemented in Florida. Sometimes, that requires redoing an entire document, or maybe an amendment would be appropriate. It depends on the particular circumstances.

How Do I Establish a Florida Domicile?

To establish a Florida domicile, it’s very important to do a few things. Typically, this includes obtaining a Florida driver’s license. Next registering to vote. Third, if you own real estate in the state, consider applying for your Florida homestead property tax exemption. Last, but not least, you could consider filing a declaration of domicile affidavit in the county in which you reside. It’s also just as important to let the state that you’ve left know that you’re no longer a resident of that state.

Does It Matter How My Assets Are Titled?

One of the most important things as part of the estate planning process, in addition to having the appropriate legal documents drafted, is to make sure that the assets are titled correctly. Titling your assets properly to coordinate with your estate plan is critical.

How Important Are My Beneficiary Designations?

Beneficiary designations for life insurance, annuities, and retirement plans are another critical component of a properly designed estate plan. Those beneficiary designations need to be coordinated with the estate planning documents and drafted by the attorney so that everything will be coordinated at the time of someone’s passing.

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